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Kikita Halliwell [userpic]

Sunday, 12AM

March 5th, 2007 (12:17 am)

current location: ~ Calling Up To Heaven ~
current mood: bouncy
current song: Tuesday, 3AM - Rebekah Jordon

Hello everyone, here I sit in my own little bedroom in a quaint little house in Stenhousemuir typing on my laptop. I wish to say hello to you all and introduce myself. I am not myself right now, in fact I am in character for the book I am also at the moment writing. My name is Kikita, or it shall be when I change it, as I only turned eighteen on the 22nd of February and my last name is Cochrane.

Tonight hasn't been as hectic as I supposed it would have been. It was rather quiet, I sat watching Latter Days and Cinderella. I found myself becoming more attracted towards Brandy's singing voice as I once was in the 90s, I suppose some good things never die. Although as in the word, attracted, I have been more attracted towards Rebekah Jordon. She's very beautiful, a talented singer and actress and I love the song "Tuesday, 3AM".

Although it was Wes Ramsey that I was paying more attention to today. Not only in Latter Days but also in an episode of Charmed. I just love watching him, for not only is he an amazing actor but he is amazingly hot. Well, okay what else am I supposed to say? Not much really as this is just an introduction and to tell you what I did today. Well... I wasn't doing much but I was talking to my friend Chevy on MSN and then I created this journal.


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